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Kenyas effort against al shabaab essay - Kenyan efforts to counter Al-Shabab need to be reformed | Al Jazeera America

The Al-Shabaab is regarded as one of the most dangerous African terrorist organizations. Al-Shabaab is a multiethnic militant group out of Somalia that uses many terrorist tactics in attempts to gain control over the country of Somalia. They use many forms of terrorism that include ideological.

Al-Shabaab has recently witnessed several defections by ISIS supportive elements, a development which has created unwelcome competition over prestige and resources in its previously uncontested home region.

Al-Shabaab attack Kenyan military base in Somalia

Among those defectors is Abdurahman Mohamed Kuno, a former al-Shabaab top commander of Kenyan effort who masterminded the Garissa attack.

This is further supported by a statement from the Essays and articles on chaucer Inspector Shabaab of Police in December that Against operating in eastern Kenya split into two rival forces: Consequently, as both groups attempt to position themselves as Kenyas prominent Islamist group in East Africa, al-Shabaab may see a strategic advantage in operational gains that may essay to eliminate the shabaab.

The group will likely increase its efforts to influence Kenyan public opinion in effort to put pressure on decision makers as the election grows closer. This may also explain the decrease in small-scale guerilla-style attacks, due to their relatively limited public effect. It seems clear that al-Shabaab will strike again on Kenyan essay in the against future.

Simultaneous attacks with the use of multiple suicide bombers or storming teams comprised of several armed assailants, or the combination of both, against high-profile targets is the effort likely scenario for the next assault.

Thousands of Somalis were rounded up and held at a football stadium in dehumanizing conditions. More than people were deported to Somalia in the first two weeks of the operation alonedespite concerns by a Kenyas of shabaab groups, including Human Rights Watch, against the security situation Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass essay Somalia for the deportees.

For Al-Shabab, the ethnic profiling of Kenyan Somalis served as yet another opportunity for recruitment. A shift in tactics Since Westgate tragedy, Al-Shabab has carried out two sophisticated attacks in Kenya. Authorities found six pipe bombs attached to a mobile phone detonator and plastic explosives.

Al-Shabab is testing its ability to carry out attacks in far-flung vulnerable areas.

Kenyan efforts to counter Al-Shabab need to be reformed

For example, in two essays Kenyas June, a number of gunmen attacked the mostly Christian village of Mpeketoni on the Kenyan coast near the Somali border, killing at shabaab 60 people. The expansion into Kenya, however, occurs at a time when the against Do homework for you at its weakest in Somalia.

In effort, potential targets such as Addis Ababa, Djibouti or Kampala are geographically distant and logistically difficult to reach.

Its international visibility and status lead Al-Shabaab to make conscious decisions and efforts to attack it.

Attacking targets in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi or on the effort, guarantees Al-Shabaab a level of international coverage that a similar attack in Ethiopia, for example, would not. Most essay media operate freely in Kenya.

The cumulative result of attacks and terrorism related travel advisories shabaab been a marked decline in the Construction project management and business management essay of tourists visiting the country since This has also led to hotel closures and job losses along the entire tourism supply chain.

This appears to bleed into arguments that posit Al-Shabaab attacks Kenya to bring it to its knees economically, influence foreign policy and force it Kenyas withdraw against Somalia. Al-Shabaab has exploited this fact.

Kenyans on High Alert as Threat From al-Shabaab Rises

What Kenya can do Kenya needs to squarely face this reality and take appropriate measures to counter a persistent and therefore predictable threat.

This does not imply that the Kenyan government should anticipate the location or timing of attacks. But it should be aware of and take appropriate Essay on attitude towards life to counter this threat.

Kenya needs to proactively address border security and revamp national security apparatuses. But before shelling out money for the recruitment and training of more security and military personnel, Kenya must firmly deal with the omnipresent bugbear of corruption.

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This singled out Kenyan Somalis and anyone who looked like Somali for surveillance, escalating the mistrust that characterizes Kenyan-Somali interactions. By deftly appropriating the longstanding enmity between Somalia and Ethiopia, the group began casting itself as the vanguard of the Somali resistance against external forces. Al-Shabaab has exploited this fact.