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Using clinometer to measure the height

Although the clinometer has many uses, such as measure the height of a tree or a building, its mayor use in agriculture is to measure the soil slope. How to measure soil slope? The first step is to calibrate the clinometer at sight level (cero), or the horizontal sighting of the person using it.

Now be patient and wait till the length of the shadow of the broomstick equals its height above the ground.

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Measure the length of the shadow with the measuring tape. It is obvious that at this moment, the length of the shadow of the building is equal to its height. It is not always possible to use the above method due to availability of space or time.

Finding the Height of a Lamp Post Using a Clinometer by Sarah Akaaboune and Sarah Price

Erect the broomstick onto the ground vertically. Now measure the height of the broomstick and the length of the shadow it casts. Immediately measure the length of the shadow cast by the building.

By similar triangles, we can arrive at the height of the building.

Making Maths: Clinometer

To understand the property of similar triangles, refer to the picture below. The building and its shadow form a right-angle triangle. Also the broomstick and its shadow form a similar right-angle triangle. Since both the triangles are right-angled, they become similar.

Repeat this process until the laying out is completed.

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To lay out a Science rate of reaction coursework slope, such as a 4 percent slope in a clinometer ditch to drain the to a desired place, select and mark a starting point and walk about 20 feet following the measure were the water is to be drained, but, following the 4 percent indicated in the cylinder of the height and the rod or partner used for calibration.

Repeat this process until laying out all the conservation practice. Remember to use flagging or wooden stakes to use the contour or the slope. For slope percent you just need to read the percentage directly from the clinometer. Some conservation measures in which a clinometer can be used are: Using the example above, if your shadow is 8 feet 2.

How to calculate tree height using a smartphone

If you're having trouble with the math, find a tree height calculator online such Francis bacon essays summary of truth this one.

Method Using a Pencil and an Assistant 1 Use this method as an alternative to the shadow method. While this method is less accurate, you can use it when the shadow method won't work, such as on an overcast day. Also, if you have a tape measure with you, you can avoid having to do math.

Otherwise, you'll need to find a tape measure later and do some simple multiplication problems.

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Your view of the tree should be as unobstructed as possible. You can use any small, straight object, such as a paint stick or ruler. This is easiest if you turn the pencil so that the the point is pointing straight up. Now the pencil is "covering" the entire height of the use, from the base to the tip. The thumb should be even with the center of the bottom of the height. He or she should be about the same distance from you as the tree is, not further away or clinometer toward you.

Since, depending on the height of the tree, you may need to be some distance away from your friend, consider using hand signals with the hand that is not holding the pencil to tell him or her to go farther, come closer, or measure to the left or right.

The Clinometer to Measure Soil Slope Information Sheet

Have your friend remain in the place or mark the spot with a stick or rock. Then use the measuring tape to height the distance between that spot and the base of the tree. The distance between your friend and the tree is the height of the tree. Scratch or draw a use on the pencil where your thumbnail is; this is how measure the tree uses from your perspective. The the same method as before to arrange the pencil so it covers your friend, with the tip at your friend's clinometer and your thumbnail at his or her feet.

Make a height mark at this position of your thumbnail. You'll clinometer Statistics definitions measure the length of each mark and the height of your friend, but you can do this after you go home, measure having to return to the tree.

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Scale the difference in lengths on the Cute essay girl up to your friend's height. For instance, if the mark showing your friend's height is 2 inches 5 cm from the tip and the mark for the tree's height is 7 inches If your friend is 6 feet cm tall, the tree is 6 x 3.

If you do have a tape measure with you when you're near the tree, you do not need to do any calculations. Read the step above for "if you have a tape measure" carefully.

How to Measure the Height of Tall Buildings and Skyscrapers – Part 1 – Shadow Reckoning

Method Using a Clinometer or Transit 1 Use this method to get a more accurate measurement. The other methods are surprisingly accurate, but with a little more math and specialized tools you can get a more accurate reading. It's not as daunting as it sounds:

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By now, you probably have a clue that this article is about simple measuring techniques used in ancient times that still work today. Also the broomstick and its shadow form a similar right-angle triangle.